The Lyric Theatre, Dinnington

5th May, 2018, 8pm - 9am

£20.00 pp

The Lyric Theatre on Laughton Road has a deep and rich history, which reaches back to its opening in 1910, as a roller skating rink. From the time of its opening until the late 1960s, the Lyric was everything from a Salvation Army Citadel, a place of worship, to a ballroom where dances were held during the Second World War. Nowadays, there are theatre groups for all ages running at the theatre, and their productions are highly successful

Dinnington's 107year old Lyric Theatre is though to be haunted by one of its past stage acts. Strange happenings have led to rumors that The historic theatre—famous for variety stars such as Ken Dodd and Danny La Rue. Such things as cold chills, lights flashing without being turned on or connected, objects rolling uphill—and photographs of orbs have all been witnessed here.

The Lyric is also supposed to have a resident ghost, most likely to be Ivan Jepson who did so much to promote and help out at the theatre. Ivan collapsed and died while dancing and listening to a big band here.

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