Norton Airodrome

The sound of numerous heavy boots on gravel marching towards you, which suddenly stop...

Exclusive to Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts, Norton Airodrome

Multiple dates from April 6th, May 18th, 8pm 'til 12pm.

The RAF acquired the site at Lightwood, Sheffield, in the summer of 1939, and named it No16 Balloon Centre, Lightwood.

Their role was to set up barrage balloon sites around Sheffield, prepare and supply equipment, carry out repairs, and train staff to operate the sites. On the 1st July 1943, Lightwood was renamed RAF Norton. It was transferred to Signals Command and became No3 Ground Radio Servicing Squadron. This continued until 1965, when under an RAF reorganisation the Squadron was moved to Rutland. RAF Norton officially closed in January 1965.

All the old paths roads and signs of the former sight are there, along with indication of former hanger’s to one side of the airbase, and still in use are some of the modern 1970's red brick single story buildings.

Paranormal Activity

  • Sighting of a large shadow man, said to be over 6 foot tall, switched one of the main speakers off and then slowly disappeared. Seen and experienced by independent witness.
  • A loud ghostly conversation, heard on several occasions, in one of the hangers where there had been previous reports of a barrage balloon catching fire.
  • Footsteps heard in one of the hangers.
  • Outside on the many paths throughout the site, the sound of numerous heavy boots on gravel marching towards you, which suddenly stop/disappear.
  • A feeling of being touched/ hands on your shoulders.
  • Keys disappear and reappear on a regular basis.

April 6th, 2019


May 18th, 2019