Ghost Hunt at The Playhouse Theatre, Wombwell, Barnsley

Ghostly Goings-on at Park Street, Wombwell - April 21st, 8:30pm - 2am

In 1969 the former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Park Street was bought for the the Wombwell Thespians Amateur Dramatic Society by a local businessman for the princely sum of £800. Between 1969 and 1973 members of the group and their friends, with the help of many other local people converted the building into a theatre. The old pews were used to build the stage and seats were replaced by ones from the Globe Theatre Barnsley when it closed down in 1990. The Playhouse Theatre opened in 1973, the first production being " Spring and Port Wine ".

Local History archives have revealed many untimely deaths to the occupants of house situated on Park Street, near to the Chapel in the early 1900,s due to burning, road accidents plus numerous suicides in the old canal which was opposite the Chapel.

Is the former Chapel haunted by the ghosts of the past?

Shadows, cold spots, corner of the eye manifestations, a small girls voice is heard, and a female spirit seen on the upper balcony, have been witnessed.

Seeking Spirit Ghost Hunts use both traditional and scientific methods of paranormal investigation. As a guest you are invited to take part in experiments including group and lone vigils, table tipping, spirit boards, planchette work and Victorian seance's.You will also get the chance to investigate using spirit boxes, k2 meters, temperature sensors, rem pods and dowsing rods.


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