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Hickleton Hall Ghost Hunt, October 16th, 2021
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Hickleton Hall Ghost Hunt, October 16th, 2021


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Pay full or deposit (balance to be paid on the day)

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8pm until 2am

Tickets are £30. Can be paid in full or £15 deposit with balance to be paid on the evening of the event.

Ghost Event at Hickleton Hall, October 16th 8pm – 2am. £30. Refreshments included as usual.

Hickleton Hall, a large grade II listed Georgian house Built between 1745-1748 for Godfrey Wentworth. During the World War 2, Hickleton Hall was the home of the "First Corps" it then was then used as a POW Camp housing German and Italian POW. In 1947 Hickleton Hall was leased as a girl’s school upto 1961,when the hall was run as a nursing home by Sue Ryder, specialising in terminal care and neurological illnesses. The nursing home closed in 2012.

Ghosts of Hickleton Hall. A large wall cross repeatedly turned upside down by unseen hands.Knocking on doors, heard by workmen who were alone at the time in the house. Chandeliers move by themselves. Negative presence in Hallway. Continuous bangs and loud noises. Shadow figures seen in the Hall and surrounding grounds.

Hickleton cross roads, it is believed that there once stood a gibbet where three highwaymen were hung The local vicar at the time decided to give the rotting three skulls a home and had them embedded into the entrance of the church with the motto "To Day for Me, Tomorrow for Thee" which means enjoy today as it may be your last! Also it wasn't unusual for the locals at the time to bury suicide victims and the crossroads became well known as a place of ghostly activity

The Hickleton ghost, a man on horseback, dressed in a black cloak and a tricorn hat has been seen numerous times in recent years .

Ghostly figures are frequently seen in the forge...

Join us for a Ghost Hunt at Wortley Top Forge, near to the famously haunted Stocksbrige bypass. Join Seeking Spiri tGhost Hunts for exclusive access to all areas.

Wortley Top Forge is the oldest surviving heavy iron forge in the world with records dating the existing buildings back to 17th century.

Recent evidence indicates that Cistercian monks may have settled in this area as early as 11th century. You will have access to Workers Cottages Forge Building Smithy Workshop/Engineering building.

Paranormal Activity

  • Ghostly figures are frequently seen in the forge and surrounding area.

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