The Village, Mansfield

Built in 1787, The Village is a grade 1 listed building which began life as a slaughter house/abattoir, – it was then converted into a Malt House by Mr William Brodhurst in the 1800's. It ceased to function as a Malt House in the mid 1970,s. The building stood empty and abandoned for over a decade. It was then re-opened as The Village Night Club in the 1980,s and r re opened its doors again in 2013 as laser tag venue.

This very haunted building has produced a long list of spirit activity.

Mr Merryweather, who was the original owner of the building is seen.

A female spirit called Catherine and a child, both of which are believed to have been murdered in the lower levels of the building. The sound of a child crying has been heard.

A piano that plays on its own, the owners say the piano was there when they purchased the building.

Also a large group of male spirits, who have made their presence felt during ghost hunts at The Village.

As always on Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts: Use of Ghost hunting equipment, take part in Victorian Séances, Ouija Board/Spirit Board’s, Table Tipping etc.

Free refreshments provided.

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