99 John Street

September 29th, 8pm till 2am, £20.

We usually provide refreshment however due to h + s rules , the cafe will be open for purchase of refreshments on the night.

99 John Street, previous used for metal file/tool works, children,s centre and a religious meeting place. The building has undergone extensive renovations in the past 18 months, which has resulted in an increase of paranormal activity. This has resulted in employees refusing to enter some areas of the alone and some staff have left the building vowing never to return.

Paranormal activity, some caught on CCTV:

  • Alarms on external doors activated, nobody seen on CCTV
  • Whistles - heard throughout the building.
  • Footsteps - heard down a metal staircase at 5am .
  • Thick black shadows moving across a corridor on 1st floor.
  • Old fashioned music heard on 1st floor.
  • Children,s laughter - 1st floor.
  • Sounds of dragging chains and heavy machinery on ground floor.

    June 30th 8pm - 2am, £20.Deposit option available @ £10.

£10 deposit via Paypal - outstanding £10 to be paid on the night.

John Street Ghost Hunt.Sept 29