Terms and Conditions

Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts respectfully ask, that when you purchase tickets for any Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts paranormal investigations, that you please read the statement below:

The nights events usually begin with an introduction to the Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts team members. You will then be given a short introduction into the history of the venue and a tour of the building including Health and Safety.

A team leader will be appointed and you will then be put into small groups. We encourage all guests to bring along their own digital cameras and camcorders to use throughout the event. Appropriate clothing is always recommended, depending on the location and weather.

All are welcome on our investigations, however all participants attending an event, must be in good health, persons of an excessive nervous nature or recently bereaved are advised not to attend. Some walking and climbing of many uneven stairs/spiral staircases such as found in old buildings may be necessary as well as moving about in darkness. Some locations we visit may also not be suitable for disabled access.

Please contact us on 07851 066175 for any details regarding any of the above before booking. We at Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts also feel that because of the nature of our events, pregnant ladies should not attend, but if they choose to do so it is at their own risk, as is anyone suffering with heart conditions and mobility problems.

Minimum age of participants is 18 years of age.

There will be no alcohol, smoking or drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor), on any of Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts. Anyone found to be under the influence of aforementioned, will be asked to leave without refund. At most of our events there will be a designated smoking area, which will be pointed out at the beginning of each event. Candles or other potential fire hazards are not to be used.

We will not tolerate any abusive or aggressive behaviour. Anyone found to be causing injury or being abusive to any other person on a Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunt vigil will be removed from the premises, and banned from attending future events. Their names may also be passed onto other paranormal groups. Anyone causing deliberate or malicious damage to any property where an event is taking place will be asked to leave. Their names and addresses will be passed to the owner and the local police.

All clothing, equipment, luggage, vehicles and effects belonging to you or your party are your own responsibility. Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft to luggage, clothing, equipment, vehicles and effects belonging to the participants before, during and after the event, however caused. Although we take upmost care in keeping everyone safe, accidents do happen. Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or any other claims for compensation arising from any activities whilst attending an event.

There are no sleeping facilities on our events, unless otherwise stated. We advise anyone who has travelled quite a distance to our events, should either book into a hotel or rest before starting the journey home and take regular breaks during your journey.

Any and all our services are for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee any paranormal activity on any of our events. Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts are not liable for any information or happenings regarding the validity, truth or likelihood of any and all information obtained from Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants, Co-ordinators or Hosts on any of our events. The participant are responsible for making your own decisions and it is understood that when Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants or Hosts suggest something, it is of their own opinion and should not be interpreted as the only course of action.

Unless you have booked a private event with Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts – all events advertised on the website are for public ghost hunts. For H + S you must stay with your allocated group and do not wander around the building without permission. We advise if you do not want to be part of a public ghost hunt you will be advised to book a private ghost hunt with us.

Occasionally events may be cancelled due to situations out of our control. If this happens we will offer you a full refund. If the event is to be rescheduled, you will be offered the opportunity to take a place at that event. We would also be grateful if you could contact us as soon as possible to let us know if you are unable to attend an event, even if it is on the day of the event so we can inform our staff.

There will be minimal lighting on most events, please wear comfortable warm clothing and sensible footwear. There may also be camera wires, cables or debris on the floor and although we do our best regarding Health and Safety, please take care when walking around at our events.


Cancellation of tickets: Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts require 3 week’s notice, prior to the event, for you the guest to gain a refund. Refunds will only be made if customers have paid in full.

Events which are due to take place wholly or partially in the open air are likely to be affected by unsuitable/adverse weather conditions. We reserve the right to relocate the event to an area undercover. In most cases all events take place and it is your responsibility to bring suitable clothing to match the weather conditions at any event booked whether undercover or in the open air.


N.B. Any contact details given will not be passed to any third party, but may be used by Seeking Spirits Ghost Hunts to inform you about any future events or special offers from time to time. If you have not left any contact details and wish to receive information, please feel free to leave your details with us at the event or email us.